All articles presented here are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced or used without the permission of the author. 


These are articles written by CTA staff relating to K9 tracking and trailing work.


In our classes, we have always presented information based on our experience, observations and proven training practices that provide consistent results for K9 teams. In addition, we have passed on many ideas from credible sources that we believe to be valid training or deployment practices. In these articles,

we have allowed ourselves to express our opinions about all subjects relating to tracking or trailing. 


There will no doubt always be disagreements or arguments for both sides of the subjects presented here, especially since there is little scientific information at this point in time, to confirm the validity of some training or deployment practices relating to tracking and man-trailing dogs. However, we do have over 40 years of real-world experience working, training, observing and testing tracking and trailing dogs

and we feel this experience qualifies us to share our opinions since it has shaped the way we train and teach others.


It is not our intention to discredit anyone by expressing our opinions. Rather, it is intended to prompt other handlers into considering their actions and weighing the consequences before embracing questionable or controversial practices and, perhaps open up possibilities for handlers and trainers to consider using better training options and deployment practices overall.

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