The Canine Training Academy has teamed up with Dutch Trainer Dick Staal to present a  10 day SUPER Tracking Seminar in 2020.



Mr. Staal is one of those rare trainers that actually thinks his way through training. As you are sitting through his class, his approach to training becomes so obvious and sensible you will wonder why you never thought of it before. It’s refreshing to meet such an honest and humble professional trainer that can produce such incredible results.


Tracking Class Descriptions for 2020

Dick Staal 6-day Foundation Tracking Class: May 5-10, 2020

The 2020 seminar will begin with a 6-day foundation tracking course. This class will be a combination of our previous seminars "tracking 1" and "tracking 2".  this class is appropriate for those handlers that are new to Dick's tracking system or those that may want a refresher on the principles of foundation training in Dick's tracking system.  This class will cover in great depth how to get your dog started tracking in Mr. Staal's tracking system. It will include a very thorough and detailed classroom presentation with many video examples of how to train your dog to track as well as practical work to show you how to apply the training techniques.  This is a combination of Mr. Staal's previous seminars "tracking 1" and "tracking 2". 

Dick Staal Advanced Tracking Class: May 11-14, 2020

Many of you that have attended Dick's tracking classes have asked for more. We listened and here is what we have planned for 2020. 


After a number of very successful seminars in Colorado, Dick  Staal will be returning to the Canine Training Academy and this time he has organized a brand new advanced tracking course. This 4-day class is for those of you who have already been training in Dick's tracking system and want to take your training to a higher level. 

This unique seminar is only available to people who have already been training in Dick's system and have taken previous tracking seminars from Dick. The class will only allow a maximum of 5 K9 teams and 3 to 5 audits. The smaller class size will allow for a great amount of personalized time and attention for participants. This will allow Dick to make a targeted plan for you and your dog which will allow you to make much faster progress in 4 days.


Participants will be spending much more time on practice and less on theory in the classroom. That is why it is also important that you as a participant are already familiar with Dick's system and that you have previously been through a tracking seminar with Dick. The level that you and your dog are currently on is not important. However, it is important that you have had some previous instruction in our system (tracking 1 or 2 class) so you have an understanding of the basics and can follow in the more advanced practical training we will be covering.


On the first day, Dick will discuss your level and the level of your dog, any problems you may be experiencing and what your learning objectives are. From there, he will make an in-depth personalized training plan that will address your objectives and get you moving towards your goal.


During class, there will be plenty of time for feedback and questions. You learn not only from your own sessions but also from the other participants, who will all be training at a higher level.


Every training session will be videotaped. At the beginning of each day, the class will start with a video analysis of your training sessions and valuable information and tips for the next session.


After the seminar, you will receive your personal videos by email along with commentary from Dick about your training during the class. Dick will again discuss your seminar sessions in detail and provide further tips and advice.


Your videos will not be used for commercial purposes on our website or social media. 

The seminar cost ill also includes a free 3-month trial to our online community where you can continue your training, intact with our community ask questions and upload a video of your own for critique.

Specific class dates

  • 6 day-Foundation Tracking Class: May 5-10, 2020

  • Advanced Tracking 11-14, 2020. (Prerequisites include having attended  tracking 1 and 2).



6-day Dick Staal Foundation Tracking Class FULL  $1100

4-day Advance Tracking Class: FULL $1100

All Audits: $500 per class. We have plenty of audits left for both classes. Audits are highly recommended for this seminar.


Location: 2895 Continental St. Canon City Colorado, 81212


Payment and Cancellation Policy. Please read before registering.


Full payment is due at the time of registration. No refunds will be given for cancellations less than 45 days prior to the event starting date. All cancellations are subject to a $100 non-refundable cancellation fee. No exceptions.


Area information and lodging options:

Best Western Hotel: Offers a group rate for Canine Training Academy students tell them you are with us.

ABBY Event Center Headly Hall dormitory-style rooms:

The Abby Event center offers inexpensive dormitory-style rooms as an option to a hotel for people attending the seminar without a dog. These accommodations are approximately 3 miles from the seminar location.


A two-story traditional Dorm style building that was originally used as a dormitory for the Abby Boy’s School from the mid-‘60’s to 1985. Today it is used as an affordable group lodging facility. Retreat groups, college field study groups, boy and girl scout troops, youth groups, Abbey school alumni, etc. find it to be a clean and affordable place to stay! Each room has a basic dorm room set up with two twin beds, two desks, two closets, and a sink & locking door. (shared bathroom and shower facilities)

The ABBY facility features include:
  • Two TV Lounges/common areas are approx. 22’ x 28’ each (615 sq. ft.), one on each floor & each has cable TV.

  • The Kitchen has a stove, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and a small selection of cookware and dishes.

  • Complimentary wireless internet and phone for local calls only.

  • Use of the Abbey grounds for outdoor activities.

  • Meal service also available.


There are four shared restroom/shower facilities, two per floor, each with four shower stalls, three restroom stalls & sinks.


In total there are 53 rooms with a sleeping capacity of 105.

  • 46 rooms each with two single beds

  • One room with one single bed

  • Three rooms each with a double bed & a shower

  • Four Perfect rooms, sleeps two, queen bed, sitting room & private bath


Please contact Lesli Durham for more information about the Abby accommodations at 719-275-8631 ext. 4 or email

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