Don Blair / Guest Instructor

K9 Nose work and HRD Workshop April 3rd,4th, and 5th, 2020

Don Blair Seminar

About this class:

This course was specifically developed for new and experienced canine handlers alike. As a progressive canine handler, you will appreciate the simple scientific methods utilized to identify the strengths and capabilities of a well-trained and reliable canine team.  It is just as important however to be able to identify, plan and resolve areas of weakness in teams needing improvement in any areas.


The focus of this course is to enhance the basic knowledge, skills, and capabilities for recognizing and being able to see and articulate both the strengths and weaknesses in a canine detection team’s training and field performance.  


The course will cover old, new and developing canine detection and handling concepts, and will educate the course participants in the behavioral science of K9 learning and the reinforcement process.  Course participants will be able to break down a “single” detection exercise or session and be better able to recognize, plan and advise on real problem-solving techniques.  This course will introduce training and behavioral modification techniques that truly address the real issues and don’t waste valuable training time.  Three, four and five-day variations of this course have been delivered multiple times in the US, Canada, Africa, and the Middle East. 

  • Day one: (All lecture)

    • Classroom lecture 

    • Canine Detection Training Myths and New Methodologies

    • Terminology- Common Language = Better Understanding” 

    • A Single Detection Exercise (intent, alert (COB), interest and response) **The Target Odor of choice is irrelevant…

    • Basic familiarization with the physical science of moving “odors”  

    • Advanced training concept- “Discrimination and Distractor” training

    • Real Life Handling Tips, Problem Solving Ideas, and Applications

    • Motivation/maintenance- Expect a Higher Performance!

  • Day 2: (All hands-on fieldwork, the limit of 10 dog teams)

    • Point-to-Point/ Quartering Field Exercises

    • Behavioral changes that occur during detection

    • Detection “break-down” categorizations and how these identify training strengths and weaknesses

    • Skills and attributes for the handler (timing, rates of reinforcement, handler skills)

    • Skills and attributes for the dog (conditioning, odor recognition, focus, tracing odor to source that is high, deep, inaccessible)

    • Detection Team Assessments/Evaluations

    • Gold Standard: Double-Blind Assessments

  • Day 3 (All hands-on and real-time Q&A)

    • Questions and feedback

    • Review goals for the course

    • Field Work

      • Blind runs with distractors

      • Team status / critiques

      • Teaching trainers how to develop program to fill the gaps

      • Sample training scenarios to strengthen handler teams


About Don Blair and CIA:


CIA was founded in 1984 by Don Blair as a means to leverage his 30+ years of working K9 experience with a broader community. CIA provides cutting edge training methodologies to working and sport dog handlers that ensure clarity of communication and effective, efficient establishment of required behaviors. Work is grounded in the generation of a foundation that includes:

  • Creating an optimal environment for K9 learning

  • Utilizing the techniques of operant conditioning and behavior economics to enforce preferable behaviors and extinguish undesirable responses

  • Define and enforce handler specific actions and timing

  • Balance positive learning experiences with effective and appropriate corrections (when and where required)


CIA is dedicated to the delivery of easily understood and applied training protocols that utilize the above criteria. Leveraging the scientific principals that govern learning, CIA is able to effectively define training actions that optimize the ability of the K9 to meet the requirements of the requested task. In addition, CIA possesses expertise in the development of training plans to assure ongoing maintenance of desired behaviors.



Canine Training Academy LLC

2895 Continental St

Canon City, Co. 81212



April 3, 4, 5, 2020.


$550 K9 slot (1 dog and 1 hander)

$450 Audit    (1 observer. No dog)


Full payment is due at the time of registration. No refunds will be given for cancellations less than 30 days prior to the event starting date. All cancellations are subject to a $100 non-refundable cancellation fee. No exceptions.

Detailed class outline to be posted soon.

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