John Lutenberg

Co-owner & Head Trainer / Tracking & Trailing Team Instructor

 John Lutenberg is Co-Owner and senior trainer for the Canine Training Academy. John has over 40 years experience training and working trailing, detection and patrol K9s. He is retired from the Colorado Department of Corrections where he served as an investigator, K9 unit supervisor and head K9 trainer for numerous CDOC K9 teams statewide. John also served as an active K9 handler for the CDOC escape team for 36 years.


He is recognized as an expert witness in the state of Colorado where he has testified in court for criminal cases involving man tracking and trailing deployments. John served in the US army at Lackland Air Force base as a K9 trainer and an assistant army liaison from 1969 to 1971. During that time, he assisted in the training of numerous K9s for military use.


He participated as an instructor and performance evaluator and advisor for the California P.O.S.T Bloodhound tracking class in 2002, 2003 and 2004. He assisted the Mara Conservancy in training 8 Bloodhounds, 2 ivory and firearms dection dogs and 10 dog handlers for its Anti-poaching unit in Kenya, Africa.  John is former member and certifying official for the Colorado Police Canine Association and a former member of the National Police Bloodhound Association. In addition to numerous commendations, he has been awarded the Medal of Honor and 2 Lifesaving awards for his K9 work.


Over the years he has assisted local, state and federal law enforcement agencies on criminal cases and SAR missions with his trailing dogs and patrol K-9's. His accomplishments as well as his training techniques are recognized and respected around the nation. He has a along list of captures to his credit and has participated as an instructor for numerous tracking and trailing dog seminars around the country where he shares his real world deployment experience and training methods. John enjoys attending different tracking and trailing seminars around the country always hoping to learn something new. John is still active in Law Enforcement and serves as a volunteer Cold Case Homicde Detective for the Fremont County Sheriffs Department. He also serves as a resever Police Officer for Cripple Creek Police Department conducting K9 searches for narcotics.

Linda Porter

Co-Owner / Coordinator / Senior Trainer & K9 Tracking & Trailing Specialist / Obedience Trainer/ Behavior Modification

Linda Porter has been the Academy Coordinator, field instructor and certifying official for the Canine Training Academy since it opened in 1997. Linda is a former Reserve Police Officer and K9 handler for the Canon City Police Department. She has been working and training tracking, trailing, patrol and narcotics detection K9s since 1996.


Before leaving Law Enforcement work in 2008, she assisted many local and state law enforcement agencies with her K9's. Linda also assisted the Mara Conservancy in training 7 Bloodhounds and 8 dog handlers for its Anti-poaching unit in Kenya, Africa in 2009, 2010 and 2011.


Since 2002, Linda been involved in developing and instructing  California POST ciriculum for the "Tracking and Trailing for Police K9s" POST course.  She is a former member of the Colorado Police Canine Association, National Police Bloodhound Association, DVG America and the Colorado Canine Club where she worked a Schutzhund K9 and competed in club trials to title her K9s in sport tracking, obedience and protection.


Linda attended the KPA Professional Dog Trainers Program in 2016 and is well versed in positive training techniques including "clicker training". Linda is also currently enrolled the prestigious Jean Donaldson Academy For Dog Trainers and has spent numerous hours studying the science of dog behavior, training and behavior modification.


She also particapates in French Ring sports where she regualrly trains with her dogs.


Linda has traveled to Holland several times to train with world renowed trainer "Dick Staal" and now uses many of his techniques to train CTA tracking dogs.


Linda keeps current on her training by attending tracking and trailing seminars annually around the country and over seas and still trains regularly with different police amd military K9 units in her area. Since leaving Law Enforcement, Linda now focuses on training dog handlers who attend CTA and coordinates and instructs training classes in Kenya, Africa. She assists with foundation training for all dogs that are trained at the Academy.


She brings over 19 years of K9 training experience to the Academy and its students. She is an enthusiastic instructor who loves to share new training techniques. 

Dick Staal / Dog Training Dick Staal

Guest Instructor

Mr. Staal is one of those rare trainers that actually thinks his way through training. As you are sitting through his class, his approach to training becomes so obvious and sensible you will wonder why you never thought of it before. It’s refreshing to meet such an honest and humble professional trainer that can produce great results that work in the real world.


To be convinced of just how logical and effective the Dick Staal training approach is, all one has to do is observe his puppies during his training sessions. These very young dogs are snappy, focused and unstressed participants. In a world of trainers who seem to be dedicated to “one way” and who are resistant to unfamiliar approaches to training, it is a breath of fresh air to observe Dick and learn about his approach to training a precise, happy and effective working dog. Dick has developed his training system through years of practical working experience as a 40 year veteran police officer, K9 trainer and handler who specializes in training many different types of K9s for the Royal Dutch Police as well as his own personal dogs in Holland. He has spent years refining his training system for use in practical police work and search and rescue recovery.

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