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Tracking and trailing dog training
Dog Training / Dick Staal
Training and raising puppies is Dick Staal's specialty. During the years he developed a system that makes it possible to train puppies from the early age of 7 weeks. A system he also uses for adult dogs. It's an advantage to start early with training and shaping the pup and creates a lot of fun with the pup.
Ray Allen K9 Supplies

Police K9 Supplies

Mara Conservancy

The Mara Conservancy plays an active role in initiating and encouraging conservation efforts within the Maasai Mara National Reserve.


Tactical Training for Police K9 teams.

Tactical K9

Tactical training for Police K9 teams.

Canine Legal Updates and Opinions

Over the last 18 years, Terry has answered your daily e-mail and phone calls and through his seminars, he has educated K-9 personnel on tactics and legalities and has facilitated K-9 units to raise over $250,000 for K-9’s, vehicles and equipment. We highly recommend his website as a resource for K9 legal issues and the most recent case law information.


Real Heros Wear

Custom shirt designs for real Heros

For more than 20 years, Sonja has been training and building partnerships with dogs. She and her dogs are proven through competition, certification, and real life search and rescue/recovery deployments where it counts.