Classes and Training

  • Dog tracking classes for Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue K9 teams. 
  • Individual or group off site seminars available. Call to schedule a seminar in your area.
  • Private lessons available. Call for pricing and scheduling.


  • Consultations for start-up, development, and management of K9 tracking units. Departmental or individual. By phone or in person. Call to schedule an appointment.


CTA offers 2 levels of Trailing Certifications.

  • Basic Trailing Certification
  • Advanced Trailing Certification.

Many agencies choose to certify K9 teams with us annually. Certifications can be obtained during a course or scheduling an appointment. All teams attempting to certify must pass the certification testing.

  • Occasionally we have started dogs for sale. We will find and train dogs for Law Enforcement agencies upon request. 
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