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About Our Tracking Dog School

The Canine Training Academy was founded in 1997 by John Lutenberg and Linda Porter as a means to share their 35+ years of training expertise and experience with others.

CTA provides the most current and practical training methodologies to ensure clarity and efficiency in learning for both dogs and handlers.

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Our training is grounded in foundation work that includes:

  • Creating an environment that provides optimal learning for you and your dog.

  • Teaching students how to install a strong, clear foundation in tracking or trailing. 

  • Utilizing training protocols that are grounded in the science of operant and classical conditioning.

  • Working with students to improve overall trainer and handler skills that include increasing their knowledge about the science of animal learning.

  • Exploring positive solutions to common training problems.

We are dedicated to delivering easily understood training protocols based on the science of animal learning. We will help you learn to create a sound training plan based on your individual goals.


Whether you are a police Bloodhound team, a multi-purpose patrol dog team or a search & rescue volunteer with a tracking dog, people are depending on you and your dog when a life is on the line or a suspect escapes. Tracking and trailing K9 teams need to have the highest level of training available. We are dedicated to the advancement of all dog breeds used for tracking and trailing work. Not just Bloodhounds. This makes our program unique.


We offer a variety of services including; basic and advanced handler courses, consulting services and phone consultations, off-site seminars, private one on one training and guest trainers that share our passion and expertise.